Competitive Online Marketing for Agents (.COM)

What are the 5 grave mistakes agents have committed causing them to fail miserably in online marketing? By avoiding them, our graduates have succeeded and achieved outstanding sales performance.
Competitive Online Marketing For Agents (.COM For Agents) is a programme developed by Asia Wisdom Group solely for property agents. This set of strategies has thus-far benefitted our graduates by helping them to generate leads through powerful online methods. This is the only programme you will need to stay competitive in the real estate industry despite market conditions.

Competitive Online Marketing 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid the common grave pitfalls that could greatly hamper your online marketing efforts. We have many years of online marketing experience to make your online marketing journey a bliss.

Competitive Online Marketing $0 Cost Advertising

Learn our proprietary Property Online re-Posting Strategy (PORP) and achieve $0 online advertising cost. Finally no more expensive subscription on Propertyguru and STproperty.

Competitive Online Marketing 80% Savings

Discover the key techniques to significantly reduce your cost when using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. We don’t stop here. We will also reveal the SECRET of achieving 10-50 cents PPC.

Competitive Online Marketing 1 to 3 Hours

Learn how it took from only one to three hours for your website to appear in Google Search Results. More than 90% of searchers click on page one search results and hardly go to page two.

Competitive Online Marketing 1 Day Creation

Create a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website with VIDEO in 1 Day. Important? Yes, because your competitors have achieved fast online presence. Speed is the key to generate more leads.

Competitive Online Marketing 90% More Leads

Experience as much as 80% increase in the leads generated through our strategies which will translate to as much as 60% increase in sales volume.

3 Days Course Schedule / Key Modules for our Perfect Online Strategy
.COM for Agents is a intensive 3-day course that will open your eyes to the world of online marketing, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, social media and video marketing. As this course is specially tailored for real estate agents, it is very relevant. All the technicalities are made simple so that all techniques taught can be easily used and applied specially to online marketing in the real estate industry. The modules that will be covered:

Module 1 : Online Market Research (Keyword Research)

Module 2: Web Design & Development (WordPress)

Module 3: Web Analytics (Website Traffic Analysis)

Module 4: Cost Effective SEM (Google Adwords PPC)

Module 5: Rank Google using Domain Authority

Module 6: Social Media Marketing (Facebook)

Module 7: Content Marketing (Copyrighting / Photo / Video)

Module 8: Email Marketing (Mailchimp)