Free Workshop for Agents

Free Workshop for Agents

Why are you not doing both Residential & Commercial / Industrial Properties? Residential is full of cooling measures and Commercial NONE !

I have trained thousands of agents in the last 10 years to market Commercial / Industrial properties. Many have succeeded in making $300,000 or more than a million dollars commission a year. Not just one but many. Come to my free workshop I will show you who they are. I will explain to you why there will always be cooling measures for residential and none in Commercial. You will also learn how you can make high and consistent sales year after year.

Did you know

  • Government has given four warnings before the new cooling measures 
  • Commercial & Industrial Real Estate will be the STAR PERFORMER for the year 2020
  • TOP PRODUCERS in agencies are selling Commercial 
  • Many commercial agents earn more than a million dollar a year 

Learning Points

  • How to predict cooling measures to manage your sales better. 
  • How is the residential market faring now?
  • Is the commercial market still doing well?
  • Did you know office will be the star performer for 2020?
  • How to advice your investors to resolve GST payables on commercial / industrial properties?
  • What are the commercial / industrial properties you should avoid?

How Will You Benefit

  • BREAK through your income
  • BALANCE work-life (Commercial / Industrial agents only work office hours 9am – 6pm Mon-Fri)
  • SERVE and advice investors better
  • RETAIN your investors
  • HOT SPOTS to advice investors to invest
  • ADVISE investors on how to claim back GST
  • LEARN more about technical aspects
  • AVOID common pitfalls
  • UPDATES on Singapore and overseas real estate market

Eager to Boost Your Sales?  Grab Your Free Seat

David Poh, Principal Lecturer

David has spent many years in the real estate industry, now focusing on commercial & industrial real estate market in Singapore. He has more than 15 years of real estate experience and has trained thousands of investors and agents in real estate. He has trained many top-notch real estate agents, who remain top producers in the industry today…

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Our Graduates Achievements

Richard Hau
Neo Beng Lee
Sachiko Watanabe
We’re pleased to inform you that we have just sold a $13 mil commercial property. We were very inspired after attending the preview & started to talk to my clients. During the class, we applied the knowledge and the technique to talk to my clients. We are very appreciative of the guidance you gave during my closing stage. Can’t close without your help!- Maya Chan
With all the knowledge gained and with new confidence I succeeded in selling 3 office units in Burlington Square and 3 factories B2 in Tuas which is a great feat for me in this depressing and quiet period because of the numerous cooling measures imposed by the government to stablise and prevent a runaway property bubble in the residential property market. I even rented out an office at Far East Shopping Centre and am also marketing various office units and even a medical suite which I sold earlier on. I am happily indebted to David and Peter, who have helped me to “fire up” my passion and conduct my business with utmost integrity and professionalism so that I can conduct productive marketing in this lull period.- Maelee
I would like to convey my appreciation to the both of you for conducting the 3 day course from 9 – 11 Oct’13. Through the 3 tedious days, you provided us with a great deal of helpful information and a whole lot of personal experiences. All of which, I believe, have and will benefit us tremendously.In addition, it is through this course and the both of you that I have been given invaluable insights into the Commercial and Industrial market. And for that, you have my sincerest gratitude.Please keep up with the good work. I look forward to the opportunity of us having business dealings together in the future and hope for your continued guidance.- Jeremy Soh, DTZ Property Network Pte Ltd
I have signed up for your 4-hr class for many times and each time I couldn’t turn up due to viewings or closings. Finally I managed to attend your 3-hr seminar yesterday at LMA. I regret not coming earlier for I believe it would have changed my life tremendously. I am so convinced and so excited with your sharing yesterday. In fact, just half an hour into the seminar, I feel like asking “please tell me how much is the course and when and I want to sign up NOW”. Even in the 3 hours I've learnt a lot that opened up my mind. Thanks for sharing!- Joey Loh, PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
I was an agent selling and renting mainly residential property from 1994 to 2000. End of 2000, I joined Far East Organization. I won top sales award in year 2002-2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, mainly selling residential properties. I was also top sales leader in 2007-2008. In 2013 July, I attended your 3 days seminar in selling Commercial. I was not in the race for top sales. After attending your seminar, I managed to be the No. 1 sales in enterprise selling commercial project, mainly offices and industrial. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Peter Poh again for imparting me valuable lesson in selling commercial properties. Selling commercial and residential properties are 2 different things.- John Wong, Far East Organization
I have just collected the commission to the more than $3.2m commercial shop transaction that I have closed. Without you, this deal could not be possible. Thanks so much. I could not imagine a new agent without experience like me could conclude this big deal so fast and so soon. Without your guidance and of course your commercial program, all this is not possible.- Dickson

What Are You Waiting For

Come listen for yourself on how you could become a good Commercial & Industrial Agent serving your investors. Learn through this workshop and know more reasons why investors will invest more in Commercial & Industrial properties when there are more uncertainties in Residential properties.

We have another FREE 4 hours hands-on workshop on Competitive Online Marketing on how to generate leads more effectively.

We also conduct FREE 3.5 hours commercial & industrial workshop for investors.

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