Past Market Updates

David Poh is highly sought after for his vast knowledge and in-depth analysis on real estate market trends in Singapore, Australia and various overseas market. He continuously give monthly market updates on real estate assessing current market sentiments to his privileged agent and investor graduates.

Every month, he will consolidate all the news articles from Straits Times, Business Times, Lian He Zao Bao, Wallstreet Journal etc. In the market update, overseas market such as US, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong etc will be covered. Zooming in to Singapore local market, the news articles are categorised into the different real estate segments such as office, shop-house, land bids, en-bloc, residential, GCBs etc. At times, David will particularly focus on specific areas like Maxwell, Sentosa or any area that is having hot market attention.

Snapshots of David’s past monthly market update videos

As a registered guest user, you are able to gain access and stream the full clip of David’s past monthly market updates videos and gain further insights on local and overseas real estate market to make informed investment decisions.

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