Professional Program in Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Marketing (PCM)

What is the program about
Commercial/Industrial Real Estate investment is a specialized skill and knowledge. This property agent course aims to break it down and make it as simple as “ABC” for Agents who are already part of it or are just beginning to explore this market segment.

To serve your Clients/Investors well, you need to know the practical and technical aspects of Commercial/Industrial investments. This program covers both in details. For example, in the module “The Strategic Investment Process”, we share how a Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Investor would strategize, think and make decisions; whereas, in the module “Fundamentals of Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Investment” we teach the technical details. We strive to stretch the width of the program’s content, at the same time, extend deeply to the practical know-how, empowering an Agent the all-rounded skill set to serve and handle Clients/Investors effectively.

Why you should attend this program
With the uncertainties of the Residential Real Estate market, it is becoming highly risky to invest in one. Investors may manage risk better by moving some of their funds from Residential to Commercial/Industrial Real Estate investments. When Investors switch portfolios, transactions in Residential may thin out and Commercial/Industrial will accelerate. This poses opportunities in the Commercial/Industrial segment for Agents. In fact, the strong growth of this Commercial/Industrial sector lately is an illustration of this trend.

Who should attend this program

  • Agents who want to learn, explore or find out more about Commercial/Industrial market.
  • Agents who want to penetrate or is thinking of penetrating into the Commercial/Industrial market.
  • Agents who are already in the Commercial/Industrial market but feel lost and do not know how to advance on.
  • Agents who are already doing well in the Commercial/Industrial market and wish to do even better and to widen network and improve sales further.
  • Agents who want to breakthrough.

CNA-LogoHow do we continue to help you after the program
This is not just a one-time learning but a “life-long” continual training, upgrading and networking program for Agents. Graduates will automatically be part of “Asia Real Estate Millionaire Club”. Members can attend face-to-face monthly sessions to get updates on the latest market trends and news, access to investment opportunities, network with Investors and/or Agents, Bankers, Lawyers, and other Industry Stakeholders for as long as the sessions are conducted.

Program Contents (3 Days / 7 Modules)
Module 1 : Introduction to Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Investment
Module 2 : Fundamentals of Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Investment
Module 3 : The Strategic Investment Process (SIP) and Hot Spots to Invest
Module 4 : Prospecting & Marketing of Commercial/Industrial Real Estate
Module 5 : Extended Learning
Module 6 : Case Study
Module 7 : Application and Q&A