Property Financing For Agents


Adrian Jefferson specializes on making use of Mortgage Solutions to accelerate your success in your property career. Making use of his innovative mortgage solutions and approach, he reveals the trade secrets in the mortgage industry to train Property Agents on different prospecting methods. He strongly believes in empowering his learners with innovative techniques to value add and stand out from the rest in this industry. “When you add value to your clients, your value goes up. Because you don’t just want to be another salesman trying to push a sale”, is his mantra.

Many property agents who have attended his workshop experienced tremendous breakthroughs in their sales performance. There are many positive results for those who have applied what he has taught through his result-driven Mortgage Training Workshop Series “Accelerate Your Success Through Mortgage Engagement With Your Clients”. The soft skills and different role playing sessions have become the key attraction for his training.

With 11 years of mortgage experience, he founded Bequest Prestige Global Pte Ltd, a leading mortgage consultancy firm with a strong conviction that “Every dollar saved is a dollar to be invested”. As an independent broker, Adrian has vast experience on the credit policy of more than 16 banks in Singapore. With his network, he has great access to the various bankers who are more than willing to go the extra mile for him because of the volume his firm generates monthly.

Till date, Adrian Jefferson has personally structured more than SGD 1.5 billion in total mortgage value covering close to 2,000 individuals and companies. The company was founded to provide timely and innovative mortgage solutions to clients.

Property Financing for Agents (PFA)

With the implementation of TDSR by the MAS in 2013, many property agents find it difficult to close deals. This training will equip you with the various financing options for your buyers. You will learn how these various creative loan techniques can help you to increase your chances of closing MORE deals.
No more fear of telemarketing!!! In this session, participants will learn the secrets to effective mortgage telemarketing with a Role-Playing session. The trainer will showcase case studies of recorded cold prospect telemarketing with up-to-date presentation of mortgage rates review to prepare participants for the session.

A good pre-appointment preparation is key to a successful joint appointment. In this session, you will learn how to set appointment with both warm and cold prospects. The trainer will guide you on what to say, when to say it and how to put it across to the clients on cross-selling your potential property purchase for the buyer. You will learn essential mortgage prospecting skills to connect and relate to high net worth individuals especially those with multiple properties. Post-appointment is as important as the preparation work, the trainer will teach you how you can follow up with clients after an appointment.

The #1 deal breaker that most property agents experience is, very often the financing for the purchase of the property. Property financing have become more complicated. Some agents struggle with property financing matters which slowed down or completely jeopardized deal closures. Property buyers now demand professionalism and financial knowledge. Many property agents are not trained to handle this.

Ever wonder why is every retail bank in Singapore using mortgage loans as the acquisition point for their business? Banks understand that through mortgage, they can cross-sell and up-sell other products. How to stand out from the rest of the Property Agents? You will be empowered to take care of the financing of your landlords, in addition to getting those listings. You will learn to give advice to the potential buyers on different scenarios that they can leverage on, in order to accelerate their investment goals, through property.


Agents who aspire to increase their sales volume
Agents who are already producers and want a breakthrough in their career


We believe strongly in the 80/20 rule. You only succeed when you apply what you have learnt.

You get to attend joint appointments with our Mortgage Coaches when you clinch an appointment with:
1) Potential Buyers
2) Landlords & Sellers with single & multiple properties


Module 1 : Introduction the Mortgage Prospecting Method
Module 2 : Discover 12 Creative Loan Techniques for Successful Closing
Module 3 : The Strategic Way For Telemarketing using Mortgage Prospecting
Module 4 : Role-Playing (Staged Scenarios Leading to Closures)
Module 5 : Latest Lead Generator Source to Sustain Your Property Business
Module 6 : One-to-One Joint Appointment (Bonus Module)


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