Real Estate Consultancy

Real Estate Consultancy

Real estate market in Singapore covers a wide spectrum, from HDB apartments, executive condominium, mass-market condominium, mid-end condominium, high-end residential, landed properties, commercial including offices, shops, shophouses, to industrial that includes factories, warehouses, and etc. We are focused on our competency of commercial & industrial segment. This segment often attracts huge investments but is not well covered by many good consultants. Most consultancy in Singapore works mainly on residential. Asia Wisdom Group and its affiliates provide consultancy services to investors and funds on the various aspects of commercial & industrial sector as follows:-

A. Investments Consultancy

  1. We work with our investors/funds to start a new investment strategy into commercial & industrial that enjoy both high yield and good capital gain.
  2. We advise experienced commercial & industrial investors/funds on how to build a strong portfolio that they could generate passive income.
  3. We strategize with savvy investors/funds to enhance their portfolio in commercial & industrial to build investments companies that could help them generate wealth for generations.
  4. We assist investors/funds to achieve a good balance between their residential and commercial/industrial portfolios.
  5. We impart the know-how on how residential investors/funds could switch some of their investments to commercial/industrial.

B. Real Estate Funds

We organize and manage private equity real estate funds. These funds are normally shareholders owned and are not open to public.

Our funds allow investors of the same mindset to come together to synergize. When investors pool together resources, they have access to bigger pool and wider range of assets. Returns are also enhanced.

We are very selective in choosing the correct investment mix to go into the funds’ portfolio. We normally invest in commercial & industrial properties that give both high rental yield and potentially high capital gain.