Attending David and Peter Poh’s 3 days programme was the best investment we ever made. The knowledge gained from the class and understanding of the market sentiments helped us to become better investors. Furthermore, we also received monthly update through out get together session. Our first investment is an industrial unit near to Tai Seng MRT and within a year the capital appreciation was as high as 16%. Moreover with the upcoming plan by the government in the Paya Lebar areas, we believe the the price of our industrial unit will grow even more.

Joanne Yeow, Real Estate Investor

To date, based on your recommendation, I have managed to shortlist and make the right investments and for example, the shop and office which I have bought since attending your course have appreciated about 35% in less than a year. Your willingness to share and your knowledge on the property market in Singapore and overseas are very different from other lecturers and courses. You always have the latest information and are able to analyse and summarise for our understanding. I have benefited a lot from your monthly networking session that you have organised without fail despite your busy schedule.

Pauline Tan, Real Estate Investor

I attended the 3-day Commercial and Industrial Property investment program two months ago. It was a great eye-opener and sparked off my interest to invest in commercial properties, while my parents prefer residential properties. It was through your advice and efforts that I managed to purchase an ideal office unit in International Plaza. The returns are good, at about 6% annually. The latest update I’ve got is that, even before the completion of my purchase, I’m already looking at $50,000 (based on latest transaction) “paper” capital gain!

Julia Tee, Real Estate Investor

Your 3-day program led me to my first step and I never look back. Your advice and proposal to invest in the shop house has led to good results. Your insights have proven to be correct. My investment has already gone up by 20% or about $1 million in profits even before I took over the property. The rental yield of around 4% is also better than yields in residential properties. What you have shared in your program is true!

Caroline Ong, Real Estate Investor

A special thank you to a dedicated team. I had the chance to learn how to spot or select early opportunities to maximize return and to co-invest in order to own multi-properties. The 2 properties I co-invested in gained 4% in the first two weeks (ROI basis). I could not have done it without you – I had no property in Singapore before!

David Maneval, Real Estate Investor
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