I attended your class in Commercial Property Investment Workshop in early 2012. Given that I have no experience at all in the commercial property investment, I understood the simple and down-to-earth way that was used to go through different modules. Towards the end of the class, I was convinced that Commercial is the way to go and when you mentioned that you have an investor wanting to sell his shophouse, I knew I had to make an offer. I guess you all know that the rest is history. The SGD 5MM property that I bought just after the course is now worth SGD 9MM! But more importantly, attending the workshop ignited my passion in investing in commercial properties. Frankly, my biggest regret is not going to your seminar 10 years ago! I wished I could have started earlier. It is with this thought that I arranged for my children to attend your seminar. I am happy that they have both attended your workshop. I know this will give them a head start in life and help them work towards being financially free.

Gigi Ong, Real Estate Investor

It has been more than 2 years since attending your commercial program. Let me tell you this is one of the best program I have attended for property investment. Firstly, you gave me the A-Z of investing in commercial property. Secondly, you held my hand to invest. You are my coach. For example, the office which we have bought already earned almost 100% capital gain in the cash invested. All these are not possible without you.

Brandon Ho, Real Estate Investor

I attended many seminars in Australia and Asia relating to property investment both commercial and residential. I found your program informative, educational and inspiring. The content was based on factual data, was well researched and backed with personal experience, also it was very well documented in your manual. The presentation was professional but easy to understand and follow and highly recommend any person thinking of investing to attend your program.

Neil Migliorisi, Real Estate Investor

I travel all the way from Melbourne to Singapore just to attend this course “Being relevant in today’s fast changing investment landscape is always my main pillar when it comes to investment”. David Poh indeed has the ultimate wisdom of understanding values and his unselfish sharing of his past experiences to ensure your interest in future investment is well structured for maximum returns. This course is highly empowering, David’s good intention for his class is truly important and that makes the course worth attending.

Philip Tan, Auswell Group International

My heartfelt thanks to you for your honest-to-goodness practical & systematic course which you have delivered with a sincere and caring heart along with a head full of knowledge to fully equip us in the battlefield as we seek out good undervalued commercial & industrial properties using your tried & tested strategies, bearing in mind your deep, analytical interpretation of the current commercial/ industrial property market. Appreciate your exhortation to us to utilise the power of knowledge gained through your intense sharing and put them into action. It was indeed a super value-added course!

Dora Hong, Real Estate Investor
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