I found this course is very useful & thought provoking. You give me courage to enter commercial real estate marketing & prepare us to start immediately. The training is very inspirational and energizing, with in-depth knowledge and lots of case studies, I will definitely encourage people who wants to know about commercial & industrial properties to attend this course.

Cherie, Real Estate Practitioner

The Program has been most enlightening. I understand that the best leverage is education and with what I learnt from you. I am confident that my leverage power has gone one level higher. The information learnt is indeed eye-opening and I look forward to grow my portfolio in commercial and industrial.

Peter, Real Estate Investor

Wow! You are both sharing your knowledge now to the world. Great! You should have done it earlier. Let more investors and agents benefit from your sharing…

Peter & Virginia, Real Estate Investor

I would like to share with you that I managed to close my first commercial sale last week. It felt fantastic and I would like to thank you for your encouragement and guidance. That was shortly after our monthly network session. These networking session specially organized by you has provided us with valuable and timely information about the market. Armed with this information, I was more confident in convincing my client and closing the deal. Thank you so much for being a great coach. I would recommend your course to all those aspiring to be a professional commercial property consultant

Janice Ching, Real Estate Practitioner
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